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Your First Visit

Multiple forms pertaining to the child’s development must be completed, including prenatal, medical, educational, social, family, and psychological background. You and your child will be asked a series of questions regarding your concerns and your child’s developmental and psychosocial history, depending on his or her age. Your child will be observed for 1-2 hours in a play or interactive setting at the initial appointment. Depending on their age, multiple tests will be conducted to help gain more thorough information and design the most appropriate treatment program. The client may be asked to return for a formal psychological test.
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What to Bring

  • Copies of any previous records to include in prior evaluations, as well as school or medical records.
  • A list of past or current medications, including vitamins, herbs, and over-the-counter medicines and their dosages.
  • A list of all the changes that you and others have observed in your child’s behavior.
  • Notes of any observations from other adults and caregivers, such as babysitters, relatives, and teachers. If your child has been evaluated by an early intervention or school program, bring this assessment.
  • A history record of developmental milestones.
  • Be prepared to describe how your child plays and interacts with other children, siblings, and parents.
  • Make a list of questions that you want to ask as the initial appointment can be overwhelming for parents.
What to Expect for Testing Day(s)