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Comprehensive assessments for your child's behavioral and psychological needs
Our psychological testing and assessments are used to diagnose developmental, behavioral, and emotional issues among individuals in the pediatric community. We help parents and families better understand their child’s strengths and vulnerabilities through a series of tests, which includes interviews, behavioral observations, and other structured and unstructured procedures. We remain thorough and careful in all our assessments because every child’s treatment plan relies on us. We offer comprehensive assessments in the following areas:
  • Autism Our primary objective is to determine whether or not your child is on the autism spectrum. Although testing does not always guarantee a clear diagnosis, we will do everything we can to answer the questions and concerns you have about your child’s development. Our comprehensive assessment will gather information about your child’s gifts, abilities, and the areas that they can improve on. Together, we can come up with a plan to meet your child’s needs and your preferences as a family.  If your child is nonverbal, we accept and accommodate multiple forms of communication, including written language, AAC, PECS, and picture cards. We do our best to minimize transitions, prepare for transitions ahead of time, use communication tools preferred by the child, and give breaks when needed. 
  • ADHD Because ADHD is a disorder of regulation of thoughts, behavior, and feelings, our assessment is not limited to tests to measure concentration and focus. We also assess general emotional functioning and academic functioning to help determine the impact ADHD may have on a child’s life. From there, we can determine the next best steps to help your child thrive. 
  • Learning differences This area covers a wide range of learning differences. We use a strengths-based approach where we assess general cognitive and academic functioning to reveal potential gifts, abilities, as well as learning challenges. Putting these together, we can make sense of your child’s preferred method of learning and processing information. 
  • Dyslexia Assessment of dyslexia is a specialty service that requires assessing the child’s intellectual and academic achievement functioning, as well as specific skills, like decoding, phonological processing, and other necessary reading skills. 
  • Twice Exceptional Evaluations A twice-exceptional (2E) person has both areas of giftedness and learning challenges. We provide comprehensive assessments so that we can consider and meet the child’s unique educational needs. We provide recommendations and direction as to how the child’s gifts can continue to be developed and also how the child’s learning difficulties can be accommodated and strengthened.

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